Bishop Road Primary, Bristol.

“Ed Support are part of our excellent school team. Effective, proactive, professional and friendly they lead our exciting PE provision and are really appreciated by children, parents and staff. They offer enjoyable and rewarding lessons, teacher CPD and regular assessments as part of their comprehensive programmes. Our very large school requires flexibility of operation whilst expecting the highest of pupil outcomes and both these are fully achieved as we work together for the benefit of our children.

Gillian Powe, Head Teacher

  • Ed Support provide a bespoke service to the school, adapting to the needs and demands of our large, four-form entry setting. They support the school in the delivery of Physical Education, management of the PE curriculum, the effective running of the school day, via the delivery of extra-curricular clubs and in the delivery of targeted interventions.
  • Ed Support have a long-standing, highly positive relationship with the school, including with the leadership team, class teachers and the wider school community. They are friendly and approachable and have formed positive working relationships with children and parents.
  • The Ed Support team have proved highly adaptable to changes in the curriculum and in the delivery of Physical Education, appointing a Curriculum Liaison Manager to oversee and monitor the delivery of PE at our school.
  • Ed Support have been hugely supportive of numerous timetabling and logistical changes over the past couple of years, adapting to the needs of the school and undertaking a variety of different roles depending on the circumstances at the time.
  • The vast majority of PPA release at our school is provided by Ed Support, solving what would otherwise be a logistical headache for a school of our size.
  • Ed Support provide interventions at the request of the school SENCO and leadership team, including ‘Better Move On’ and others linked to communication and social skills.

Tom Barr, Assistant Head Teacher

St Mary’s, Writhlington

“With the same coaches coming into the school every week and delivering all the sessions, there is continuity with both children and staff. Coaches are becoming more like members of the school staff in the way they integrate with children and school staff. All Ed Support coaches are highly qualified, Enhanced CRB checked and internally trained. The staff are internally audited through lesson observation and feedback at least every school term.

The school has written a curriculum map to ensure progression each year for ALL pupils. The coaches follow a well designed scheme of work to deliver each unit. The behaviour in the school has dramatically improved. This cannot totally be attributed to the PPA coaching. However, a focus on team work, role models (some male) who the children can look-up to, increased achievement and enjoyment in PE and physical activity will all have contributed to this.

Coaches are providing extra clubs which has enhanced the curriculum and boosted inter school sports. Coaches provide clear assessments for each child based on the terms work to add to our PE portfolio.

All pupils are receiving at least 2 hours of good quality PE a week.”

Cathie Lampert, Head Teacher


Waycroft Primary, Bristol

“We have been using Ed Support to provide PPA cover for 9 years now and have been impressed with the quality of teaching from the coach we use at Waycroft Primary. Ed Support encourages their coaches to become involved in the life of the school. This has certainly happened: behaviour management; health and safety considerations and implementation of our planning integrated with the coaches’ own ideas have always been of a high standard. The children really look forward to their PE lessons, enjoying working with specialists. All dealings with the company have been extremely professional and Simon Jones back at base has always been easy to contact and monitors closely the impact of his company on the school. We aim to continue to use Ed Support for the foreseeable future.”

Stella Sage, Head Teacher

St Stephens Primary, Bath

“We have been using Ed Support to assist in the provision of PPA cover for the past 9 years now and have no hesitation in recommending them in the highest terms. The professional service is slick and reliable with instant cover arranged without any hassle in the event of any absence. Most impressively the staffing is truly creative; keen and able to respond to the full learning opportunities of each PPA day. The team that supports my school really does feel like part of the staff which is great.”

Head Teacher, St Stephens

Fair Furlong Primary Bristol

“We have been using Ed support to provide PPA cover for 8 years now, we always find the team punctual, well organised and motivated. Most importantly our coaches foster good relationships with the children and follow school procedures which in turn makes PPA stress free, manageable and a positive experience for all.”

Head Teacher, Fair Furlong

Weston All Saints Primary School, Bath 

“We have been using Ed Support to provide PPA cover for 10 years now and have been consistently impressed with the professional service we have received – not to mention the superb expertise of all the coaches.”

Anne Bull, Head Teacher

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