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The NOVUS team work in partnership with primary schools and organisations delivering a specialist range of provision to all in our care. We specialise in the delivery of PE & Sport, SEND Provision, Music & Forest School through inspirational, highly qualified individuals. Now the fun part…

Whilst children’s development, health and well-being is at the core of everything we do, we are relentless in our quest for positive, lasting impact via fun, progressive learning experiences.

We demand of ourselves the progression, inclusion and a sense of clear purpose for every child.

To inspire, to nourish, to create core memories and to allow the space and time for our work to positively impact young people, families and communities is our purpose.

Our team is hired based on our core values. We want children, teachers and parents, to be talking about our staff in school, outside of school, on holiday, wherever they might be reminded of something they have learnt or a moment they will cherish. Even bad experiences, and there will be plenty, can be used to guide a positive future via the right approach and advice.

Our core values represent what we want to do in this industry. What we want to see more and more of around the communities we are so lucky to work with.

✅ We inspire in all we do

✅ We are inclusive to all, at all times

✅ We are approachable and relatable

✅ We are innovative in our approach and our delivery

✅ We are relentless in our continued improvement

✅ We are adaptable

✅ We are fun, exciting and creative in our quest for progressive learning

✅ We will encourage self-expression

The work we have done for over 10 years has been incredible, with thousands of lives improved and touched in some way. This is only the start. This is our springboard into the next ten years of growth.


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