Novus Unveils Exciting Announcements for the 2024/25 Academic Year!


Get ready for a captivating lineup of events designed to enrich and ignite the passions of both children and educators alike! We are excited to unveil our series of high-quality gatherings, tailor-made to foster growth, collaboration, and inspiration within the educational community.

For the Children:

1. Inter-school Sports Competitions: Are you ready to see the fusion of talent and teamwork? Join us in celebrating sportsmanship and school pride as our inter-school sports competitions unfold, offering a platform where budding athletes can showcase their skills and spirit.

2. Inter-school Musical Workshops: Let your creativity soar and harmonies blend in our inter-school musical workshops! Here, students will embark on a journey of musical exploration, fostering collaboration and unleashing their artistic potential on stage.

For the Staff:

1. CPD Subject Specialty Events: Elevate your expertise and refine your teaching craft through our tailored professional development sessions. Dive deep into subject-specific topics, engage in enriching discussions, and equip yourself with the latest strategies to empower student learning.

2. Networking & Speakers Series: Connect with influential figures in education and broaden your perspective with profound insights and inspiration. Our networking and speakers series offer a platform for meaningful exchanges, fostering professional growth and expanding horizons.

Join Us:

We are excited to bring together partner schools and institutions, along with those collaborating with our esteemed local partners. There’s still room for a few more to join our educational journey as we venture into 2025!

Express Your Interest:

Are any of these events sparking your interest? Get in touch here with your school name, and we’ll ensure you’re added to the invitation list, granting you access to the exclusive NOVUS Education experience.

Mark Your Calendars:

Commencing in Autumn 2024, stay tuned for the full details of these enriching events! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of education excellence, where every moment promises growth and inspiration.

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