What we offer

Curricular PPA Cover

(PE, Music & Outdoor Adventure)

NOVUS products (Sport, Music, Forest School) are able to cover your schools entire PPA offer and tailor this to the maximum benefit for your school.

We have vast experience and specialist knowledge of PE (Sport), Music & Outdoor Adventure subjects. We can also offer Drama/Theatre School through our links to highly qualified, inspiration teachers in this area.

SEND and Interventions

Working with the schools SENDCo, our staff are able to work one-to-one or in small groups to enhance the experience of sport and activity for those children that need the space, time and patience to grow. They can also use sport and child led activities to children who need a focus outside of the classroom in order to shine.

Sports Clubs & Holiday Camps

We provide half-term and holidays sports camps at various schools, allowing children the chance to remain active in known environments and their parents peace of mind.

NOVUS organise and deliver a variety of hugely successful after-school sports clubs at our partner schools. We are able to manage this independently from the school or to deliver sessions that the school have planned.

Breakfast, break and lunch clubs

We understand that finding time for your teachers and school staff is vital. Our team are able to run early morning breakfast clubs focused on getting children active and ready for the day. We also supervise break and lunch duties, on the playground, in a lunch club or during wet play.

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