Novus Education Unveils Dynamic New Website for Enhanced School Enrichment

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We are excited to unveil our brand-new website, designed to transform school enrichment programs and offer a wide range of activities.

With our vast experience and specialist knowledge in physical education (PE), music and outdoor adventure, Novus is here to elevate your school’s PPA (Planning, Preparation, and Assessment) offerings to a whole new level.

Novus Education is committed to ensuring that schools have access to high-quality enrichment programs. Our new website aims to introduce our programs to maximise the benefits for every school.

Whether it’s sports, music, or forest school activities, Novus Education is your one-stop solution.

A Wealth of Expertise

Novus Education offers a specialised focus on PE (Sport), Music, and Outdoor Adventure subjects and also offer Drama and Theatre School through our connections to highly qualified, inspirational teachers. This wealth of expertise ensures that the children in your school are exposed to the very best in extracurricular education.

SEND and Interventions

One of Novus Education’s standout features is its ability to work closely with schools’ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCos). Our staff can provide one-on-one or small group support, enhancing the sports and activity experience for children who require extra attention, space, time, and patience to grow.

We also excel at using sports and child-led activities to engage children who need a focus outside the traditional classroom setting, allowing them to shine in their own unique way.

Sports Clubs & Holiday Camps

Novus Education ensures that children have ample opportunities to remain active during half-term and holiday breaks. We organise sports camps at various schools, giving children a familiar environment to enjoy while providing parents with peace of mind.

In addition to holiday camps, Novus Education offers highly successful after-school sports clubs at partner schools. These clubs can be managed independently or run in collaboration with the school’s plans. This flexibility allows schools to provide students with a diverse range of activities that cater to their interests and needs.

Breakfast, Break, and Lunch Clubs

Recognising the importance of giving teachers and school staff valuable time, Novus Education’s team takes charge of early morning breakfast clubs.

These clubs focus on getting children active and prepared for the day ahead. Novus Education also offers supervision during break and lunch duties, whether on the playground, in a lunch club, or during indoor “wet play” sessions, ensuring children’s safety and engagement throughout the school day.

Discover Novus Education’s New Website

Our newly launched Novus Education website serves as the hub for all of these fantastic programs and services.

Parents can conveniently book their children into after-school, breakfast, and lunch clubs, as well as upcoming holiday camps with just a few clicks.

It’s a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of enriching your child’s educational experience.

The website also features a constantly updated blog with insightful posts covering a wide array of topics related to PE, music, and forest schools.

These articles provide valuable information and inspiration for parents and educators, making it an invaluable resource.

With Novus Education’s dedication to enriching school life, the launch of our new website marks a significant step toward providing even more opportunities for students to explore their interests, grow, and shine outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Visit today to explore all the exciting programs and services they offer. It’s time to unlock your child’s full potential with Novus Education.

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